Pe De Cedro


Origin: Brazil

Farm / washing station: Pe de Cedro

Flavor Notes: sweet peanuts, milk chocolate

Best for: Espresso

Varietal: Yelow Bourbon

Process: Pulped Natural

Altitude: 1000 - 1250 m

Region: Mantiqueira de Minas

Acidity: Low acidity

Cupping score: 84

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In 2012, the farm was bought by Edson Morais de Barros. Even then, she had a good reputation in the industry. The new owner was interested in building on this reputation and further improving production, also thanks to cooperation with experts from CACARIVE and the Brazilian Association of Fine Coffee. They managed to change some procedures in processing, growing, and harvesting coffee. He also managed to put together a stable team of experts who are regularly involved in harvesting and processing coffee at the washing station. Quality has become an important priority and its control is common farm practice.

In Brazil, mechanization has recently been used more and more often for the harvesting of quality coffee, the use of it reduces the cost of the entire harvesting process. However, on this farm, the entire harvest is still done by hand. The coffee is still processed on the day of harvest. Processing begins by rough peeling of the coffee bean. The drying process then begins in thin layers to achieve steady drying. For the same reason, the beans are turned, rummaged, and sorted during drying. It is dried to a moisture content of 12% and then the beans are stored in wooden containers. After stabilizing the humidity, the coffee is then transported to COCARIVE warehouses in Carmo de Minas.

This coffee belongs to our standard offer of Brazilian coffees, which we offer every season for their beautiful peanut, chocolate, and sweet taste accompanied by an only slight acidity. This taste combination is perfectly suitable for traditional espresso, and of course also for milk variants.

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