Bensa Damo

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Origin: Etiopie

Farm / washing station: Bensa Damo

Flavor Notes: peach, yuzu, jasmine green tea

Best for: Filtr

Varietal: 74110, 74112 & 74158

Process: washed

Altitude: 1860-2160 masl

Region: Damo Village, Bensa, Sidama

Acidity: Medium acidity

Cupping score: 85+

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Damo Station is located on the fertile slopes of the high Shanta Golba mountain in the heart of Ethiopia’s famous coffee region. It was established to process the finest quality lots from this area. The local Sidama people have been cultivating these green hills for generations. Producing a beautiful, complex coffee that is renowned for its bright fruity notes and syrupy body.

Damo works closely with local farmers to ensure a reliable market for their crops. During the labour-intensive harvest season which runs from December to February the station employs more than 100 people who bring much-needed income to the community. It pays farmers 20-30% higher prices than average. Recognizing the value of their hard work and premium coffee cherries.

The last harvest brought 4-5 tonnes of green coffee from the village of Damo and the surrounding area located at an altitude of 1860-2160m above sea level. Our lot is aptly named Damo after this famous coffee-growing site. It contains a blend of indigenous varieties 74110, 74112 and 74158 each contributing its own flavour – notes of wild fruit, syrupy body and floral aromas combined with rich citrus undertones.

Damo’s experienced team of 3 permanent and 98 temporary staff can produce 391 000 kg from the harvest.

Following traditional practices the coffee is grown organically under the shade of indigenous trees that forgo hand pruning to ensure proper shading to slow coffee growth and maximize productivity with farmers and local workers picking and sorting only perfectly ripe red cherries.

Within hours of arrival at the station, the fruit is stripped of its skins and then fermented in tanks for 48-72 hours to develop the coffee’s characteristic flavour profile. After careful washing the parchment is dried on raised African beds for 12-15 days and the green coffee rests for 45 days in a local warehouse before it is carefully de-parchmented and hand-sorted ready for export.

As well as producing excellent coffee Damo Station invests in the community through initiatives, last year alone the exporter built 5 rural schools in surrounding villages. It offers coffee processing training for youth and distributes coffee tree seedlings to farmers.

However it faces challenges including climate change, supply chain issues and economic instability. The station plans to expand in the future by acquiring additional processing facilities in prized coffee regions and building its own export operations. In addition to coffee they also grow sugar cane, barley, maize, bananas, cabbage, passion fruit and avocados.

Damo Station’s excellent coffee and ethical production practices are an example of how Ethiopian smallholders can sustainably produce specialty coffee and improve community life for generations to come. Each cup shares the unique terroir of the area through its complex flavour.

Our baristas notes:
Bensa Damo is a beautiful, clean, smooth coffee with a classic Ethiopian profile. On the body dominates the fruity sweetness of peaches combined with the sour-bitter taste of yuzu and at the finish reminiscent of jasmine green tea stand out. The coarseness of the grind was similliar with other washed Ethiopian coffees and we liked the V60 best at a time of just under 3 minutes. In short this is a pleasant springtime drink.


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