Los Nogales

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Origin: Colombia

Farm / washing station: Los Nogales

Flavor Notes: watermelon chewing gum, camomile, physalis, banana

Best for: Filtr

Varietal: Typica

Process: Washed, fermented

Altitude: 1600 – 2000 metres altitude

Region: Bruselas, Huila

Acidity: Medium acidity

Cupping score: 88+

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It’s always a good time for a new limited coffee, so sit back and relax, because we have another fruit bomb from Colombia for you. Finca Los Nogales is a family farm, or rather a company that combines tradition with innovation. You’ll find it in the hamlet of El Diamante, just outside the town of Bruselas in the southern part of the department of Huila. The farm was founded by members of the Hernandez family around 1940. Its tradition and focus on growing the best coffee was then developed by Mr Ricaurte Hernandéz. After his death, it was unclear for a while what would become of the farm. About six years ago, however, the farm began to prosper under the stewardship of Oscar Hernandéz, Mr Ricaurte’s son, and is now a model for farmers throughout the area.

As Los Nogales focuses on sustainable coffee farming, one of the key processes is the treatment of waste water. The farm has its own wastewater treatment plant. We have selected the Typica variety, which has been processed in seven steps:

  1. Hand picking of cherries.
  2. Oxidation – the cherries are piled into a larger mass and allowed to oxidize, the temperature in the flesh rises to 50 degrees. The oxidation time was 50 hours.
  3. Washing and removal of floaters, disinfection of washed cherries with ozone.
  4. Peeling the cherries.
  5. Squeezing the juice from the skins and mixing this liquid with the de-peeled grains in fermentation plastic barrels. Addition of the required heterofermentative micro-organisms.
  6. Fermentation for 144 hours.
  7. Washing and drying for 20 days.

You can look forward to a very interesting and complex coffee, with an unusual flavour profile that has been strongly influenced by fermentation.


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