Varia VS3 elektrický mlýnek – white


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Varia Brewing, a design-forward company that manufactures equipment for home coffee preparation, has launched its first electric grinder, the Varia VS3.

Ramsey Gyde was born in New Zealand and currently divides his time between Hong Kong, where the company is registered, and Shanghai, where manufacturing and other operations take place. Gyde launched the company in 2019 under the guidance and mentorship of his father and co-founder Richard Gyde. Last year, the company’s first product, a multi-method coffee brewing device called the Varia Brewer, won the Specialty Coffee Association’s Best New Product Award for 2021.


The Varia VS3 electric grinder is built on a set of proprietary 38mm hexagonal conical grinding stones with HRC58 hardness that rotate at a deliberate 160 rpm inside a die-cast, machined aluminum housing. It uses an inclined geometry with a sharp angle of 76.5°. The use of this geometry also allows ideal conditions for maintaining zero and better workflow in relation to adding coffee to the hopper, making grind adjustments and 180° access to the dosing cup.
When grinding different types of coffee with a retention of less than 0.1 in a 10 g batch, no rinsing will be necessary.


Our stepless adjustment is controlled by turning the hopper in the desired direction. As a result of our infinite fitting, we can achieve virtually infinite particle sizes, giving you full access to experiment with your coffee brewing.
Each shift of the grinding head represents a relative vertical shift of the grinding head of 20μm or 0.02mm per crank.
Hopper capacity 30g.


A minimalist approach to the user interface allows expression through fine details. We have integrated magnets in the hopper lid for connection to the hopper and in the base for connection to the dosing cup.
Non-slip silicone feet are also installed on the VS3 base.


The die-cast aluminium alloy space-grade body and all critical parts are CNC (Computer Numerical Control machined) to a precision of 0.02mm, ensuring absolute accuracy and stability in adjustment and grinding.
The main axle and drive shaft are housed in P5 grade angular contact bearings to achieve the most uniform particle grinding results.

Specific features:

38mm conical hexagonal Supernova stones with 150kg life.
Base material: 420 stainless steel with high nitrogen content
Grinding speed: Espresso: 0,363 g/s / Filter: 0,571 g/s.
30 g hopper capacity.
Grinder construction material: ADC12 die-cast and machined aluminium

Package includes:

1x VS31 grinder x user manual
1x DC power adapter (including selected power cord and plug)
1x Magnetic dispenser
1x Silicone bellows for hopper
1x 5ml RDT spray bottle
1x cleaning brush
1x Spare set of 4 springs for the coffee grinding chamber
1x Allen key for drill cover screws