Comandante C40 MK4

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The Comandante hand grinder with high-quality conical steel stones is specially designed for connoisseurs and lovers of quality coffee.

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New shape, new construction, new materials.

Compared to its predecessor MK3, the Comandante C40 MK4 hand grinder received new grinding stones with sharper edges.

They make grinding easier and evenly ground coffee. In addition, it will make sure that all the coffee passes through the grinder so that you do not lose even a tenth of a gram during grinding.

The MK4 model also comes with a clear and amber glass container for ground coffee. One of them can serve you as a coffee cup.

The grinder is suitable for any method of coffee preparation – it can be set on a wide range of grinding roughness (with a control element located under the stones). Grinding coffee is very easy and smooth.


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