San Ignacio

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Origin: Peru

Farm / washing station: San Ignacio

Flavor Notes: peach, honey, rooibos

Best for: Filtr

Varietal: Pache, Bourbon, Typica

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1700 - 1900 metres altitude

Region: San Ignacio

Acidity: Medium acidity

Cupping score: 85+

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This lot is a blend of three varieties. It is a combination of small daily lots from selected farmers in the award-winning growing regions of San Ignacio Chirinos, San Jose de Lourdes and Tabaconas. The cherries are hand-picked by farmers in these high-altitude areas which are ideal for complex coffee profiles and are processed and dried on the farm. Typical processing involves 24-36 hours of fermentation to develop flavor and then the beans are dried on the patio.

Due to their limited harvest size we were unable to purchase each micro lot separately. Instead the quality control team at one of our importers Falcon specialty identified daily lots that shared intense fruit, complexity and floral notes. By blending these hand-selected coffees they created a specialty coffee that captures the terroir and exemplary profile of San Ignacio coffees. Although small in quantity these lots from Chirinos, San Jose de Lourdes and Tabaconas represent some of the most promising coffee growing conditions and flavors in Latin America.

Our baristas notes:
We ground the coffee as we are used to with other washed coffees. The time on the V60 came out best around 3 minutes. With a slightly longer time the coffee came out beautifully sweet with dominant notes of honey. At slightly faster times, on the other hand the coffee was dominated by a juicy peachy taste. It is always pleasantly enhanced by the finish with the taste of rooibos. At overall the coffee is very pleasant, balanced, juicy and sweet. An ideal everyday drink.


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