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Origin: Colombia

Farm / washing station: La fortuna & Mahusa

Flavor Notes: green apple, rosehip, blossoms, green tea

Best for: Filtr

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1700 - 1900 metres altitude

Region: Tolima a Valle Del Cauca

Acidity: Medium acidity

Cupping score: 88

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The beans we tasted and contracted during our autumn trip to Colombia have finally arrived. This coffee took our attention, as its name suggests, because of its florality.


The Farm:

In the heart of Colombia, in the department of Quindío, is Incorporate Colombian Coffee, a company that was founded because of a great passion for coffee across generations. Founded by César Diaz’s father, Incorporate has passed on the passion for coffee to his sons. We met César in person on a visit to his dry mill, where the coffees for the Colombian Cup of Excellence were being prepared. Incorporate is a multi-farm processing center and connects coffee growers across the country. Every day, high quality coffee cherries from different coffee growers in Colombia arrive at the center.

“We make these alliances because there is often a lack of resources or knowledge to take coffee to the next level. This is where Incorporate comes into play, processing select coffee with care and commitment. Traceability and honesty is very important here in our alliance. The beans are packaged with pride and carry the name of the producer and the Incorporate Colombian Coffee brand around the world.” Adds César Diaz.

“Incorporate’s mission is clear: to involve coffee growers in its project and bring the world high-quality Colombian coffee that will benefit everyone. It will ensure fair prices and international recognition. In every cup of Incorporate Colombian coffee, you will find the story of a family, the passion of a coffee grower and a commitment to quality on our part, Incorporate brings together passion, love and flavours to bring the legacy of Colombian coffee to all corners of the world.”

The advantage of these farms is the optimal altitude and the unique soil where the coffee thrives. This coffee is more intense and has a longer and fuller aftertaste. The profile tends to be fruity and juicy. In terms of topography, these are mountainous farms with good shade and respect for the environment and water resources.


Pink Bourbon is a quite recent variety, discovered by luck in 2014 by Lucho on his farm in Colombia. Although it has Bourbon in its name, it doesn’t have that much in common with the Bourbon variety. Lucho gave it this name because he found it growing among the Bourbon variety and its fruit is slightly pinkish. After DNA analysis, it turned out that the dominant genetic component is represented by Ethiopian heirloom varieties, followed by a slight resemblance to Mufindi (Tanzania), Bourbon and Catimor. Taste-wise, it is a very good variety. Juicy, with a full body and acidity reminiscent of Kenyan coffees.


It all starts with the picking of super-ripe cherries by farmer Uber Quintero. They are then processed at Incorporate. They are cleaned of impurities and bad beans (flotes), then fermented for 24 hours and finally washed and dried.


Our baristas notes:

Coffee needs to be ground finer. Similar to anaerobically processed coffee. Using 20g (20 clicks per comandante) of coffee per 280ml of water at a total time of around 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Our coffee came out beautifully clean with a high sweet fruitiness on the body similar to cherries or rosehips and a malic acidity reminiscent of a Granny Smith apple. The coffee has a beautiful floral character. As it cools down notes of hibiscus or fruit tea predominate. The finish is dominated by light green tea at all temperatures.


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