Heavy Tamper nut 58mm


Heavy Tamper is a brand that was created under honest hands in the Czech Republic. They specialize in manufacturing tampers in various colors and sizes. Tamper is an indispensable tool for baristas and we are happy to offer them to you.

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Heavy Tamper is an innovative Czech tamper that helps you to perfect extraction and thanks to its precision minimizes the possibility of channelling. They are made in the traditional 58mm size, which is the basket size that fits most of the lever coffee machines.

It is made of stainless steel, which helps to impart a more stable force during tamping. Heavy Tamper are precise and ergonomic popular tampers that are manufactured using the latest and most precise technology with the highest quality materials.

When tamping, the coffee is tamped to ensure proper resistance of the coffee to the water. This is because the water penetrates the coffee and thus the extraction occurs. There are two important factors to watch out for when working with a tamper. The first is the evenness of the push and the second is the strength of the pressure.