Limited edition Colombian coffee from the Lopez family

Have you ever tasted carbonated maceration coffee? This limited edition coffee from the Finca Puerto Alegre farm offers this method of processing. But let’s not overtake, because it all starts with the planting itself.

The Lopez family works on the Finca Puerto Alegre and Finca La Esperanza farms in Colombia for 3 generations. The Finca Puerto Alegre farm itself is located in the mountains at an altitude of about 1450 m above sea level near the town of Pijao. They rely on the method of cultivation and agrotechnical procedures. They apply the process of growing coffee in the undergrowth of shady trees of the genus Leucaena. In addition to providing shade, and thus a better microclimate for the growth of coffee trees, these trees also provide better biodiversity on the plantation and, last but not least, it is a beneficial relationship for biological nitrogen fixation. Tuberous bacteria bind atmospheric nitrogen to each other and then convert it into nitrates, which they transfer to the plant as part of the symbiosis, which has a good effect on yield.

The family takes care of the correct pruning and fertilization of the trees, thus keeping the trees in good condition, which is an agrotechnical measure that helps prevent susceptibility to disease and reduces the need for tree care. Thanks to suitable climatic conditions, they grow coffee on the farm all year. In addition to the ‘Castillo’ variety, from which this limited edition is made, varieties such as ‘Mocha’ and ‘Geisha’ are grown here as well. There is also a nursery for growing seedlings on the plots.

The cherries are carefully picked by hand using refractometers to determine the sugar content of the coffee fruit, so that the highest possible ripeness is always guaranteed. The harvested fruit is left to rest overnight, the next day the quality is checked again and the sugar content is determined.

How is processing looks like?

This limited edition is processed by the carbonic maceration method, where the coffee cherries are peeled and placed in special containers, which are filled with carbon dioxide, where the coffee ferments under strictly monitored temperature conditions. The temperature is maintained at 15-17 degrees and is maintained by the constant injection of water collected from the process into airtight containers. The whole process took 60-72 hours. Subsequently, the beans are dried in parabolic dryers at the correct temperature, the beans are rake so that their drying takes place evenly. It is dried for a total of 25-30 days.

Subsequently, each lot is provided with a birth certificate, which transparently documents the entire journey of coffee. It introduces basic information as well as information about the fermentation process so that the method is as repeatable as possible.

The whole effort and the chosen method of processing will be reflected in the final taste, this coffee achieved a cupping score of 88 points. We roasted coffee for you to pick up its potential and you enjoy its great quality. You will find medium acidity in the taste of the coffee and you can feel the tones of Cuba Libre, red apple in caramel with a slight hint of vanilla. Coffee can be purchased on our e-shop. And it is best enjoyed as a filtered coffee, it is great for preparation using the V60 method.

How to prepare

We have prepared a recipe for you, so you can enjoy the best of this coffee.

You will need:

Heated water to 98 ° C, 20 g of Puerto Alegre coffee and V60 dripper and paper filter.

  1. Grind the coffee to a roughness that corresponds to 22 clicks on the Comandante grinder
  2. Prepare a paper filter, which is rinsed with hot water. After rinsing and pouring water from the lower container under the V60, pour 20 g of ground beans, zero the weight and turn on the stopwatch
  3. At time 0-0: 15 pour 40 g of water and twist twice with V60
  4. At 0: 35-0: 50 add water to 100 g, 1-1: 20 add water so that the weight shows 200 g
  5. Another pouring comes at a time of 1: 35-1: 55, last pouring stops at 310 g and twisted 3 times with V60
  6. The total flow time should correspond to 2: 25-2: 30

This recipe perfectly underlines the taste properties of coffee. If you have already tasted the coffee, we will be happy if you share your impressions in the comments.