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We bring you a lot composed only of pearl grains after a long time. What can you imagine? The grains that come to you don’t look the way you’re used to but they are beautifully round. Each coffee cherry that has become part of this lot has not grown two beans but only one. On the palate this shows up beautifully in a fuller and denser body. You can look forward to a distinctly juicy coffee with a pleasant higher acidity.

The coffee is sourced from a number of smallholders who are members of the Wamuguma Wet Mill Station. The Wamuguma factory is part of the larger Ritho FCS manufacturing cooperative, established in 1972, and operates in harmony with its sister factory, Handege.

Wamuguma is located in Gatundu, Kiambu district and benefits from the rich volcanic soil and favourable climatic conditions in the area. Approximately 1,000 active members work diligently to supply coffee to the factory and participate in both the main harvest from October to December and the Muscat harvest from May to July.

The coffee is grown on red volcanic soils, black cotton wool and clay sites, at an altitude of 1 800 metres. This distinctive combination results in a unique flavour profile, which is further enriched by the selected Arabica varieties SL 28 and SL 34, Ruiru11.

Processing at the Wamuguma processing station follows strict quality-oriented methods. Upon delivery, the cherries undergo a careful sorting process to ensure exceptional cup quality. After milling, the cherries are delivered to one of the factory’s fermentation tanks where they ferment for approximately 16-24 hours depending on the ambient temperature. The coffee is then completely washed to remove all traces of pulp.

After washing the parchment is placed on raised drying beds in the factory where it is slowly dried for approximately 14-21 days. During the hottest periods the parchment is carefully covered to preserve the quality of the grains.

Notes from our baristas:
A strong and very juicy espresso. Exactly what we would expect from Kenya. It came out best on faster times of around 20 seconds at a ratio of 1 : 2.11. When is hot the espresso has a distinct acidity that sweetens beautifully as the temperature drops. When is hot the blackcurrant flavour dominates on the body which gradually sweetens as it cools and becomes more like marmelade. On the finish it is easy to detect the taste of caramel and milk chocolate. We use the same recipe to milk beverage as well and the result was a more fruity cappuccino. The espresso is very easy to adjust if you head straight for the faster times.

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