Thunguri AA



Farm / washing station: Thunguri

Flavor Notes: rosehip jam, black currant, hibicus

Best for: Filtr

Varietal: SL28, SL 34

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1700 - 1800 m


Acidity: High acidity

Cupping score: 88

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The third and last coffee from the newest harvest in Kenya is from the Thunguri washing station. It the located in the Kirinyaga area, which is full of green valleys where tea and coffee are produced. The station is part of the largest one, Kibirigwi Farmers Co-op Society, which joins seven stations in the area. At present, Thunguri station has 1,500 active members – farmers, each has on average half a hectare of land on which they grow their coffee together with other crops. The whole area is situated on very fertile volcanic soil at an altitude of 1700 to 1800 m above sea level.

Thunguri station produces coffee of excellent quality. The coffee is collected by hand by all small producers who deliver it to the washing station, where the coffee is processed. After peeling and sorting the coffee, the first phase begins of fermentation lasting 24 hours in the fermentation tanks. Then grains are washed and placed in additional tanks for a second fermentation, which takes a further 12-24 hours. After this process, the coffee beans pass through washing channels, where the highest quality heavy beans are separated and finally stripped of coffee pulp.

Subsequently, the coffee beans are immersed in pure water for another 24 hours, which emphasizes the resulting fruity taste profile. When the washing process is over, the coffee is placed on drying tables, where it is dried in very tiny layers for at least 6 hours to lose 50% of its moisture. Then grain moved for drying on wire floors, where it can dry evenly up to a final moisture content of 11%.

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