Ojo De Agua

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Origin: Nicaragua

Farm / washing station: Katherin Alieska -Ojo de Agua

Flavor Notes: strawberry, caramel waffle, blood orange

Best for: Espresso

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1400 - 1600 metres altitude

Region: Ocotal

Acidity: Medium acidity

Cupping score: 85,5

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The day has come and we are very excited to introduce fresh crop of washed Nicaragua for espresso! This exquisite lot originates from the Ojo de Agua farm, presided over by the producer Katherin Alieska Herrera Florian. She has been the owner of the farm since 2015, nurturing the Yellow Catuai variety that is harvested between December and April. After the initial selection through flotation, the coffee undergoes fermentation for 18-24 hours, followed by pulping and a second wash. It is then dried on elevated beds.

Back in 2015, a local farming family became cognisant of the unfairly low prices for coffee cherries in their region. Recognising their potential to produce high-grade coffee, they took the initiative to establish a dry mill, enhancing the value of their produce. Now, the mill is managed by the sisters Martha and Ana, supported by their team. Inheriting a number of farms from their father, Martha and Ana have a complex legacy. The north, sharing a border with Honduras, is replete with similar tales. Between 1975-1979, the Nicaraguan revolution devastated the entire country, with the turbulence more pronounced near the Honduran border, prompting the family to flee to the USA. Returning to Ocotal six years later, they discovered their home and vast sections of their farmland had been confiscated by the government. Although their house was returned, they lost over 100 manzanas (70ha) of their coffee farm.

Their dry mill serves their farms and a greenhouse, constructed in 2020, for cultivating experimental lots and more fragile varieties. Furthermore, it also processes coffee from a few relatives and independent producers in the area. In total, Cafetos de Segovia collaborates with 47 other producers. During peak harvest, the mill can receive up to 300 quintales per day, boasting a drying capacity of 3,000 quintales at any given time (1 quintal equates to approximately 46kg of green beans). The mill can house up to 30 workers during the season. A significant majority of the coffee arrives as damp parchment or cherries, and 80% of the lots undergo a washing process. The drying typically commences on a patio, initially under the shade for 5-6 days before being moved into full sunlight. All patios are blanketed with a black net to prevent the coffee from touching the floor. Given the harsh sun at these lower altitudes (less than 900masl), shade drying becomes indispensable. Naturals are stirred every 3-4 hours and piled during the hottest part of the day. And these are just a few reasons why we can’t wait until these beans get to your cup!

Our baristas notes:
A sweet and balanced espresso. The kind of coffee for every day. The body is dominated by the sweet taste of strawberries and caramel waffels. I wouldn’t be afraid to say sweet as dessert. In the aftertaste, the pleasant light bitterness of the red orange is most pronounced. When we first tasted the coffee it surprised us with its drinkability and lightness. The espresso was best at 1:2.42 which is a bit longer than we are used to. The grind needed to be finer than other washed coffees and the extraction time was slightly under 30s.

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