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Origin: Mexico

Farm / washing station: Huehuetepan

Flavor Notes: sour cherry, vanilla, dark rum

Best for: Espresso / Filter / Alternative

Varietal: Mundo Maya

Process: natural

Altitude: 1350 metres altitude

Region: Cosautlán de Carvajal, Veracruz

Acidity: High acidity

Cupping score: 88

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Do you also know that feeling when it come to you a coffee that has competition potential but you lack a competition barista? Do you? It happened to us this year. This coffee was originally bought for the competition barista of the year. But in the end we didn’t have anyone to compete. So let’s have a competition stage at home or in coffee shops.

The coffee comes from a Mexican farm called Huehuetepan owned by a young farmer named Carlos Cadena. His grandfather acquired the farm around 1950 and then died suddenly. Carlos mother who was very young took over the reins of the farm. With the death of his grandfather came many difficult situations. His mother took over the farm in its original state and continued the traditional way of farming. She kept the varieties already planted. When she got together with his father he took over the family farming. His father began to remake traditional commodity coffee farming in his own image and slowly transformed the family farm. From replanting, to planting new varieties, to pruning the coffee trees. Carlos didn’t get a glimpse of his parents’ coffee business until after he finished his bachelor’s degree when he returned to the farm. Than he began separating varieties and changing coffee processing practices. The Huehuetepan farm is on the edge of a ravine the soil is soft and airy it also rains a lot and the ravine is surrounded by many trees such as Jinicuil and Pahua which gives the coffee a unique flavour and aroma. The quality of the coffees and their processing is evidenced by the beautiful 3rd place in the Mexican Cup of Excellence with a blend of Gesha and Pacamara.

The lot we have chosen is the Mundo Maya variety and is processed using the traditional dry method. The process is basically very simple. The ripe cherries are harvested and then sorted by density using water, washed clean and left to rest for 20 hours. The whole cherries are then moved to African beds in the sun for a few days where they are turned regularly.

When the coffee is fully dried it is wrapped in GrainPro bags and left to stabilise for about two months to open up the flavours. Finally we clean the coffee from the skin to the bean just before it is shipped for export.

Notes from our baristas:

This coffee needs to rest properly before it will be used for espresso or filter. At least 3 weeks. When using fresher coffee we had unpleasant bread notes coming out of it. However when we let it sit for a month from the date of roasting it was worth it!

The coarseness of the grind on this coffee was more simillar to anaerobic coffees. Surprisingly then it was considerably finer than we are used to with natural coffees. The coffee is beautifully clean. The juiciness of the sour cherries and the sweetness of the vanilla stand out on the body and the full heavier rum flavour dominates the finish. A very pleasant drink with a full body and balanced sweetness and acidity.

In one word a blast! Expect a full-bodied juicy espresso with notes of red berries a nice lactic acidity and a playful rum finish. The milk has a primary sweetness reminiscent of nougat and butterscotch. The recipe worked best for us at a ratio of 1 : 2.06 in a time of around 29 seconds.




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