Hario grinder Mini Slim Pro black


The popular Hario Mini Mill comes in a new PRO version and ranks at the top of the Mini Mill range. The grinder is even more compact than its predecessor and offers a wide range of grinding, for various coffee preparations. Hario Mini Mill Slim PRO is a great companion for home and travel.

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What’s new in the PRO version?

All-metal body

  • Fixed removable hexagonal handle
  • Transparent lid and silicone grip
  • Easy-to-remove coffee pot

Adjusting the roughness of the Hario Mini Mill is easy. Just turn the nut on the bottom of the grinding mechanism to the right (finer grinding) or to the left (coarser grinding). We recommend grinding the coffee max. 15 minutes before preparing it. Otherwise, it will lose its characteristic properties and degrade your coffee adventure.

How to clean the Hario Mini Mill Slim hand grinder?

The Hario Mini Mill is simply disassembled by turning the nut on the bottom of the grinding mechanism to the left. Subsequently, the grinder is disassembled into several parts, and the grinding ceramic stones are washed under running water.