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Origin: Uganda

Farm / washing station: Coffee Garden

Flavor Notes: forest fruits, tangerine, chocolate

Best for: Espresso

Varietal: SL14, SL28 & Nyasaland

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1800-2200 m.n.m.

Region: Upper Bukyabo

Acidity: Medium acidity

Cupping score: 85+

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Behind the entire processing station is The Coffee Garden project, which was founded in 2017 with the aim of producing exceptional, ethically sourced coffee and finding a transparent, direct route to coffee consumers. We are already excited about their coffees for the second year and are delighted that our collaboration can continue and we can offer this beautiful coffee from Uganda again this year.

The processing station has been working with farmers who have been producing microlots for the past six years. The owners know every farming family and the farm that supplies them with cherries as they live in the mountains around six hundred meters above the washing station.

The microlots at the processing station are compiled according to the date of picking and similar flavour profile. Therefore individual farmers can contribute their coffee to several microlots. Our microlot is named after the village of Gombe where many of the farmers live.

Within an hour of harvest, the cherries are brought down to the processing station in fifty-pound bags by what are known as runners – a team of about one hundred and sixty women and men from the local community. The same day, the processing process begins. First, the coffee cherries are peeled and then our typical fermentation process begins with a light rinse followed by soaking the cherries in cold mountain water where they are left to cool for forty hours before a final wash. Finally the grains are slowly dried evenly to a final 11% moisture content. Before export they have all undergone a thorough screening at twelve different sorting stations.

The result is a very pleasant sweet cup of coffee with notes of forest fruit and tangerine. At the end coming smooth chocolate aftertaste. Enjoy your cup.

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