Finca Limón


Origin: Colombia

Farm / washing station: Finca Limón

Flavor Notes: tropical fruit, blackberry, cherry liqueur

Best for: Filtr

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Anaerobic natural

Altitude: 1800metres altitude

Region: Bruselas, Huila

Acidity: Medium acidity

Cupping score: 87+

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Christmas is just around the corner so it’s time to introduce you to this year’s Christmas specials. One of them is Giesha from the Colombian farm Finca Limón. It’s about a 40-minute drive from civilisation. It’s a very modest farm full of strange fruit trees and bushes. José Mopán, with his wife and two children runs the farm in the traditional way and has only started anaerobic processes in the last few years.

The whole story of this farm began a long time ago when Mr Miguel Cardenas bought a small plot of land in 1987 and decided to continue growing the Caturra coffee variety which at that time was in its fifth year. The coffee trees were spaced unusually far apart so there was no need to ‘soqueo’ them, as they were fruiting nicely and abundantly. Gradually Guamo trees which provide shade protection and support for the coffee trees were planted on the farm. Along with another variety of coffee tree Colombia. This was followed by another wave of planting trees such as Cedar, Chachafruit, Walnut, Yarumo, Guamo, Lemon, Sapote, Mandarin, Orange, Guava and Mango. Coffee is currently at the mature stage 35 to 40 years have passed since it was sown providing much needed shade. This by the way is absolutely essential for the birds at certain times of the year and we then visit the farm with the whole family to observe the variety of birds that the trees attract and host.

Jose is a natural coffee enthusiast. He thinks its flavour is the fullest and finally the potential that coffee holds can be harnessed. A few words directly from Jose:

“We have three years of experience growing our coffee organically and are in the process of certifying the entire farm.”

“In terms of infrastructure, we have a warehouse with fertilizers, a warehouse to age the coffee two drying rooms a two-story processing hall with a wet mill two coffee tanks a fermentation yard to carry out different processes. With this potential that we have in our farm we propose it as an agro-tourist destination where you can do hiking, bird and animal watching, horse riding, sightseeing and coffee tourism.”

The lot we bought from Finca Limón this year is processed by the extended anaerobic dry method. The coffee is picked, sorted, and selected in water to the density of the coffee bean. The coffee is then left to ferment for 48 hours in a tank. This is followed by a further 40 hours of fermentation in bags. The coffee is then gradually dried and allowed to stabilise.

Our baristas notes:
In the cup the strong natural fermentation left pleasant alcohol notes reminiscent of cherry liqueur. The coffee has a balanced tart acidity of tropical fruits and juiciness of blackberries. It was extracted for around 3 minutes at a reduced gravity of around 1:16.5 which promoted a pleasant syrupy sweetness and suppressed the strong thick aftertaste. With a finer grind (14 clicks per comandante), the complex flavours of the Geisha variety emerge and the cup is very playful in its notes.

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