El Placer – Lychee

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Origin: Colombia

Farm / washing station: El Placer

Flavor Notes: lychee, passion fruit, cherry liquer, lemongrass

Best for: Filtr

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Process: Anaerobic natural

Altitude: 1500 – 1744 metres altitude

Region: El Eje Cafetero, Quindio

Acidity: Medium acidity

Cupping score: 87+

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The Finca El Placer farm is owned by Sebastián Ramírez a fourth generation coffee farmer. He has been running the family farm for more than ten years. Sebastián uses dry, washed and semi-washed coffee processes and all varieties undergo carbonic maceration. On the farm, Sebastián tries to minimize water consumption, so the conventional washed processes are being phased out. In his quest to maximize the flavor potential of each variety, Sebastián takes it a step further by trying to preserve as much of the coffee cherry as possible during fermentation.

We bought a lot from Sebastián called Lichi this year. The entire lot is of the Pink Bourbon variety and is processed anaerobically using a natural method with added lemongrass bacteria:

1. Cherry picking and sorting (95% ripe, 5% semi-ripe).
2. Anaerobic fermentation in 200-litre barrels for 168 hours at a constant temperature of 18 °C with CO2 injection – anaerobic with CO2 injection – MOSTTO lactic acid inoculum to help isolate the lemongrass microorganisms
3. -1 drying phase Drying of coffee in a controlled manner on African beds at 40 °C and 25% humidity for approximately 20 days
– 2nd stage drying again on African beds – marquesina for approximately 5 days (All slow and controlled drying)
4. Finally everything is wrapped in grain-pro and stabilized for 15 days.

You can look forward to a very interesting coffee with an unusual flavour profile that has been strongly influenced by fermentation. You can expect a cup with a distinct acidity of passion fruit and lychee and a pleasant sweetness of cherry liqueur and a finish with a taste of lemongrass.

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