Diego Samuel Bermudez


Farm / washing station: El Paraiso

Flavor Notes: ripe apricots, pomegranate, sweet Champagne a smooth lasting of raspberry

Best for: Filtr

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1700 m

Region: El Tambo, Cauca

Acidity: Medium acidity

Cupping score: 88,5

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Diego Samuel who was born in Bolivar, Cauca has dedicated the last 13 years of his life to growing coffee and also gaining a deep understanding and knowledge on the processing and production of high-end specialty coffee that is almost unparalleled in the unique flavor and profiles produced.


Diego is one of the best in terms of achieving unique taste properties thanks to the quality of the bean and the subsequent method of processing.

As part of a tight-knit family Diego works on their farm in Cauca with his wife, two daughters, and two brothers. Together they are involved in the pursuit of continual learning and striving to achieve the next level with their processing.

They built their lab on the farm to firstly understand about cupping and roasting so they could then start to curate their own fermentation protocols for them to begin experimenting with. These experiments and novel approaches to coffee have allowed him to soar and exceed winning several awards.

The Villa Esperanza – Paraiso farm in El Tambo, Cauca sits from 1700 masl and covers 27 ha of land, and is planted with Castillo, Colombia, Caturra, Pink Bourbon, and Geisha.

The coffee we have selected for you has been processed in the following specific way:

  1. Picking of ripe coffee cherries (90%) and semi-ripe coffee cherries (10%).
  2. Cherry washed with sterilized water to decrease the microbial load.
  3. The First phase of fermentation is aerobic (without water) for 42 hours. With an average temperature of 17 degrees celsius.
  4. The Second phase of fermentation is anaerobic with the cherry (without water) for 72 hours at 19 degrees celsius.
  5. Demucilage the coffee in the de – pulper
  6. Controlled drying for 26 hours, with air recirculation at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and relative humidity of 3%, until reaching a grain humidity between 10% and 11%.
  7. The coffee is packed in a gas-tight, moisture-tight Grain pro package and it is stabilized for 15 days
  8. Final peeling of the silver skin and final manual sorting.

Thanks to our partner Falcon Coffee, the beans reaches us in a vacuum-packed. It help to keep its freshness during storage.


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