Origin: Rwanda

Farm / washing station: Buremera

Flavor Notes: blackberry, gooseberry, hibiscus, earl grey

Best for: Filtr

Varietal: heirloom

Process: Washed

Altitude: 2000 m.n.m.

Region: Huye

Acidity: Medium acidity

Cupping score: 86

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Multisectorial Investment Group (MIG LTD) is a private company created on March 5, 2004, investing in different agriculture sectors including coffee.

Currently based in Huye and Nyamagabe District they are planning to expand across the Country.
They have a goal to help farmers, in the region of south Rwanda in Huye and Nyamagabe district, improving the quality and quantity of coffee production through best agriculture practices whilst also increasing the quality of life for the farmers.
MIG has more than 5000 farmers grouped together helping them to develop, assisting them with best agricultural practices and investing in various agricultural sectors with the purpose to improve their livelihoods and reduce poverty.
BUREMERA COFFEE WASHING STATION is from the highland acidic soils of Maraba, Huye District ; Southern Province is among the best in Rwanda ; among the 24 coffees of excellence appeared in the cup of excellence competition organized in 2008 got the first place.
NAHIMANA ANNONCIATA from Huye District, Southern province, has been a coffee farmer for most of her life with her late husband since 1981 with just around 2500 coffee trees.
Annonciata notes that MIG’s Coffee loyalty to provide the best fixed coffee cherry price along with a bonus payment has helped her enlarge his coffee farm and even bought other plots of lands, which she is planning to cultivate soon.
While running the farm, she has also raised her 2 children, using the profits from the farm to invest in her children’s education and upbringing.
Based on the higher incomes of coffee farming, Annonciata tells that she was able to expand and rebuild her house, pays medical bills, breeding cows (now she has six cows).
She further states : “The joint partnership with MIG Coffee was beneficial to me and I´m grateful for what I´ve been able to achieve as a coffee farmer. Therefore, I urge people to take up coffee farming as a business, because I can say that it is enriching.

MIG’s agronomy team visit often to check if there are specific needs in relation to pests or disease and then supply the proper insecticides,fertilizers and tools along with practical application advice.”

It is a really juicy coffee which we decided to roast for filter. You can expect fruity acidity of blackberry and gooseberry which goes to aftertaste of hibiscus and earl grey.

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